Talent we all have naturally, but skill is developed by beating on your craft hour after hour, day after day.  We’ve been relentlessly beating on this craft for years coming up with ways to individualize ourselves and be different than the rest.  Do different.  Build different.  Be THE Rebellion to the Norm.  At Elite Moto Factory (formerly Jeske MX Customs, started in 2012), normal and average isn’t ok with us.  If you can dream it, you know its possible.  So let us help make your dirt bike dreams come true.  From the bike of what you thought was only a figment of your imagination, to service and repair, you’ll receive service at a superb level.
With a deep experience, stout resume, and solid reputation rooted in Professional MX/SX racing and Freestyle MX, there’s a reason that we’ve been trusted to the unique construction and care for some of the sports best riders and elite and are “watched” by many.  Tony built himself another reputation over the years, perhaps an infamous one, but for that of creating off the chart dirt bike builds that are world renowned.  Jeske MX Customs was not the first to ever “Customize” dirt bikes.  That happened long before he ever worked on one, professionally, but Tony was the pioneer of creating something unique that isn’t just a replica or “shiny”.  Custom useable Dirt Bikes capable of performing and competing at the highest level.  The fact is, we’ve paved the path, our own, and one which we put our NAME on!