Race Shop Services

*Customized Competition Ready Machinery.

-Packages are limitless – From All-Business Race Bikes to one off Jaw-Dropping Customs.

-If you can dream it, you know its possible.  Let us make your dirt bike dreams apart of your reality.

-Be an individual, not just the number on your bike.

*Real Race Prep

-Professional race preperation – The standard at the highest level, we know it, because we’ve lived it.

-Thorough wash prior to complete teardown and inspection, clean everything, part replacement, and service all bearing surfaces, clean and inspect hardware, clean and service controls, bleed hydraulic systems with standard or recomended hi-performance fluid, Coolant replaced with Evans Waterless.  Engine Service, Filter(s) replaced with new.  New Tires if necessary.  Assemble the Dirt Bike.  With bikes being assembled at a factory and the care that goes into them there isn’t what it is here, we can guarantee a true race-ready machine!

**Additional services such as chain and sprockets, brake system restore, suspension work, engine work, etc, may be necessary.

**Includes free DT1 Air-filter.

*Basic Race Prep

-Thorough wash and full bike inspection.  Engine service, Filter(s) replaced with new, Fluids topped off or flushed and changed.  Optional Evans Waterless coolant is recomended.  New Tires if necessary, Chain adjusted and lubricated.  Fastner check.

**Additional services such as chain and sprockets, brake system restore, suspension work, engine work, etc, may be necessary.

**Includes free DT1 Air-filter.

*Bike and Chassis set up.

-Suspension Mods to setting Race sag

-Ergonomics addressed to allow for comfort.

-Dialing in controls, etc., etc.

*Engine Services.

-Engine Performance.  Better all around performance to Pro SX/MX reliable engine packages.

-Performance mods for 2 & 4 stroke power plants

-EFI/ECU mapping for OE and Aftermarket

-Fuel system mods – EFI – 2nd Injector / Carb

-Intake and Exhaust

-Engine Rebuilds – Complete “Bottom End” to “Top End” for a fresh power plant.

*Service and Repair

-From basic service to full carnage damage.  Let us take care of it for you.

*Trackside and Consultation services

*With wearing the shoes of a Professional Race Mechanic for years on the circuit, we have the knowledge to aide in any type of question or concern that may arise toward your goals.  Personal trackside days are an option if testing is necessary for whatever may pop up to cater to the riders needs.  Consultation is another option for anyone looking to gain an advantage in their race program from a technical standpoint.  Preparation is key when it comes to sucess on the track.

Specialty Services:

*Brake system mods

-Performance and “Dress Up” mods to set your bike apart from the rest with the “Factory” touch.

-Provide full systems and let us build to spec.  You get back and install, straight up.

-5 “Dress Up” services to offer – Includes rebuild of Calipers

“JMXC Works Edition 2”, “JMXC Works Edition 1”, “JMXC Hop Up”, “JMXC Stealth”, & “JMXC Raw”.  Please inquire for details.

-Updated brake lines, Aluminum Banjo Bolts, Wire tie banjo’s, etc..

-Calipers and hangers only OK to send in as well, but we don’t guarantee workmanship on assembly.

*Engine Covers

-Gives your engine the “Factory” look.

-Valve Covers, Ignition Covers, Outer Clutch Cover and Clutch cover.

-Multiple processes available, please inquire for details.

Service Note:

We send suspension and engine components for modification to the best in the industry by choice.  We are not a Suspension or Engine mod shop.  We are the “Assembler” and a Race Shop connected to the best for a reason.  We believe that utilizing our strengths is esential, and utilizing the strengths of others only builds you, the customer, a bike that is capable of competing at the highest level if so deemed necessary.  To put it simply, we will provide you with the tools.  We handle the “Bike” department as a One-Stop Race Shop and are committed to providing you with the best bike possible and making the experience an exciting one.


-Please inquire within for a personalized quote of potential services.  Everyones needs are different.