Ever wonder what goes into piecing together a professional freestyle MX machine? Tony Jeske of Jeske MX Customs has been building bikes for Ronnie Faisst for several years now, and with X Games this weekend, he stopped by our studios to give us a look at the bike Faisst will compete on this year. A polished frame, custom accents, and tons of trickery highlight the machine.

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With some time off from tours and events, we stopped by Faisst compound to check out his new ride and to roost some laps on his Speed and Style course.

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M/M: The word is you got your self a new ride. Fill us in on what you’re riding right now.

Faisst: Well, I got the new 2014 Kawasaki 450 and it’s all tuned up by the man himself, Tony Jeske at Jeske MX Customs. Bike is pretty hooked up with all my sponsors from, a Pro Circuit exhaust, RG3 Suspension, Dunlop Tires, Throttle Jockey Graphics, Cycra Racing Plastics, some Works Connection parts, Pro Taper, D.I.D. Rims, Hinson Clutch just waiting on my cover and man… it’s pretty much all-around ready to go. The 2014 Kawi is going to be my outdoor bike for when I go ripping around the track. When the 2015 comes out, I am going to get back with Tony and build another Speed and Style Bike.


M/M: What made you switch over to a Kawi?

Faisst: I haven’t been on another bike since 1997 so it has been a long time trying other things out. Before X Games I was out here training my ass off every day, working on techniques and just putting in time. Twitch came over here one day and he and I where practicing some starts. That dude was killing me every time and I was like, “there is no way you’re better at starts than me”. I was tripping out! Twitch let me get on his bike after he dusted my ass and I gave his Kawi a ride around my course and did some starts against him. Sure enough I was smoking him every time! I was tripping how much faster his bike was than my Honda 450 was and my ride was no roached-ass out bike… it was legit. So I asked Twitch when I was done riding it like “what did you do to this thing” and he looked over at me and said, “bone stock”. After that I knew it was time to maybe switch bikes. I rode James Carter’s 2014 Honda 450 and I wasn’t impressed with it, just not what I wanted. I went over to Deegan’s and rode his hooked up KTM and it still wasn’t as nice as that Kawi which sounds crazy. I finished up with the 2014 Suzuki and finally concluded that, yeah… I need to break it off and get a Kawasaki. Now that I have it I am so pumped. I like explosive power it’s my style of riding and this thing just hits the spot.


M/M: So what is your day-to-day now that X Games is over?

Faisst: I have been just training a bunch, riding and getting ready for the next thing. Besides from riding I have been spending lots of time behind the wheel of my Pro Lite and getting ready for the Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series. Deegan has plenty of advice for me when it comes to racing trucks, dude kills it as we all know, so learning from him is always a plus. Go Pro recently hooked me up with some new camera’s too. I never really messes around with the POV camera stuff but now that I have them I am pumped. I have been mounting these everywhere. On my bike, my track, my truck, just cruising around… you name it. It’s pretty cool to get shot’s send right onto your phone with that Go Pro app and learn from what your doing right and wrong. Next week I will be doing some Freestyle so I’m going to be getting some new shots for the social for you all to check out.


M/M: Who spends the most time with you at your compound?

Faisst: Everyone pretty much rides my spot. Taka is over here a bunch riding and practicing. Today Taka, Sherwood and this paralyzed Japanese rider Cloud Toda who is hitting the ramp! I was a little nervous but Levi and Taka have been out on the course working with him and he hits it just fine. Pretty dope to see someone push themselves that hard to reach their goals. I was super pumped for the guy.


M/M: Any plans this winter for another road trip?

Faisst: Always plans! Right now it is 100+ almost every day, dry as Hell and the dirt is like cement. If you get the dirt wet it turns into this slick top layer and it sucks. But later in the season I am hoping for some rain, make a few improvements on my course and then hit the road. I really want to go back Jersey and find a spot to ride, some trips back east and hit all that super green spots. But I am down for whatever really as long as the dirt is good.


Original article from Metal Mulisha – RONNIE FAISST’S NEW RIDE

Inside Ronnie Faisst’s latest bike build


One of the perks of being a professional FMX rider is all of the free parts you can get for your bike. Not one to run anything but a factory looking bike, I know it when I see some serious time and effort put into a FMX bike. From the countless hours of machine modifications to custom graphics kits, there is a lot of time and workmanship that goes into building a pro’s FMX bikes, including Ronnie Faisst’s. His bike has “pride” written all over it. With special attention to modifications and aesthetics, his bike is a work of art. Wanting to showcase some of the most tricked out looking bikes in FMX, today we show you Ronnie’s mechanic Tony Jeske’s latest work of art.

Original article from Espn – Inside Ronnie Faisst’s latest bike build